Training Log 9/30

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10am – 10:30am

Threshold training in the form of a private lesson with coach Vince at BMT Tampa!

We did 4, 5 minute rounds with about a minute of rest in between each one. I probably maintained a decent HR around  my threshold for the first 3 rounds, but the third one found me completely exhausted. At least, I was able to keep my technique pretty flawless regardless of my exhaustion, that is my number one goal. Speed and power will come naturally when it has to if I can keep my technique clean.


5pm – 5:45pm

I want to become a better teacher at MMA and striking, especially, and charge for some private lessons in the future so I got some practice teaching today.

Taught Efren, my little bro, the 6 basic punches, boxing fundamentals, and some combinations. He wrestled before so he has decent coordination and good ability to use his hips. His power was definitely there and he picked up the little details such as keeping his elbows tucked and turning over punches. Maybe he just had an excellent coach!

It was fun and I plan on continuing teaching people in the future.


6:30pm – 8:30pm

Two a days for BMT today! I can never get enough.

Tracy was in class today and she is always awesome to train with. We started with the hands and footwork drill and moved into a round of boxing combinations. She called out great combos for me and I did the same for her. Switch 3, roll out, and return with a 1 body, step roll, hook 2 is the best one I recall. We did a gallop hook drill and Tracy pimped it out by connecting it with the Benavide combo. For kickboxing, we warmed up with the catch and correct drill. We hit a lot of combos today, some oldies including the 2,2,2 and 3,3,3 drill. We hit the Bas 1 and 2 and the Brad which is a super advanced combo for the regular class, but I love to do it. Finished with 14 punches pyramids and 8 kick pyramids. Great class today, really enjoyed it!

Afterwards jumped into BJJ class with coach Dan. We learned some amazing stuff which fits right into my game today, working on maintaining side control on top and transitioning into a sick triangle. I got 3 rolls afterwards with Rich, Monkey, and Brian. Great class again. Dan is teaching the best and most effective stuff I have seen since I trained with Gabe and Kris back in 2014.


“The best or nothing”

Training Log 9/29


1pm – 1:30pm

Semi rest day today. After the grueling workouts yesterday, I awoke today with very sore calves, which is good since I am trying to build them up for footwork and power, and a tired body. I still felt motivated which was good for my short workout today.

I did Tempo Intervals on Jacob’s Ladder today. These are good for recovery and localized muscle endurance. I did 15 reps of 12 seconds at 75% effort and 1 minute rest in between each rep. Finished up with a tiny bit of shadowboxing and heavy bag work and stretched myself out.

My muscles feel a lot better now, I’ll be in top shape for a private lesson / threshold training intervals with coach Vince tomorrow morning.


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Training Log 9/28


9am – 10am

BMT in the morning. Worked with a new girl, Lauren this morning.

She actually turned out to be very talented and picked everything up super quickly. Apparently she had done tae kwon do for 16 years beforehand. We worked 2 boxing rounds and 1 kickboxing round and some other combos like the gallop hook and the Bas. Pretty good training today.

I definitely needed a nice nap this afternoon after a rough weekend.


3:30pm – 5pm

Some of the hardest cardio I have done in my life.

I started with 60 minutes of running, the longest I’ve ever run. Not only that, but it was also raining pretty hard. I did about 5 ½ miles in that time and was completely dehydrated and exhausted afterwards.

I wasn’t done yet, I chugged a bottle of water and did 3 rounds of threshold training. 4 minutes maintaining a heart rate around 180bpm on jacobs ladder. 2 minutes rest between each set. It was difficult and I was pretty much a zombie by the end, but I got it over with quickly and went home. Time to go to work.



“Remember that failure is an event, not a person.”

Training Log 9/26 – 9/27



I was planning on hitting open mat at BMT this morning. My friday night had other plans for me. It doesn’t happen often, but I truly hate missing training I planned to attend because of meaningless external stuff such as drinking. I try my best to make sure my social and work life do not interfere with my real job/passion and I failed today. I have to be more careful and cognizant of that in the future.



12pm – 2pm

Gracie St. Pete for some morning training. 40 minute drive down there, but it was worth it, especially because I missed training yesterday.

I started rolling with a new guy from there, not half bad for a month or two of training. Gabe and Anton are awesome teachers. I rolled with Rico next and then Gideon. Both great rolls, they make me expand my game to encompass all the new and tough positions we get into. Finished rolling with a 15 minute roll with Anton. I see the gains I have made when I rolled against him, but he definitely still dominated me like he does.

Afterwards I talked to my coach Vince for a while and held pads for Anton for a few minutes. Sick training today, I will be making this a regular thing.


“Get busy living or get busy dying.”

Training Log 9/25


6:30pm – 7:30pm

Today is a semi rest day for me so taking it somewhat easy. I didn’t get much sleep last night so I was struggling and sore all day.

Warmed up and stretched and went for a 15 minute run. Kept my HR at a good level at a 10m mile pace which was awesome. Afterwards did 15 minutes of hitting the heavy bag and double end bag. I felt my striking, hand eye coordination, and focus feeling a lot better then it has before. I’m definitely on a upward slope right now.

Afterwards I did 18 reps of High Resistance Intervals. Loaded up heavy weight on the drag sled and pushed it as fast, hard, and far as I could in about 5-6 seconds. Then I would rest about 1 minute and do it again for 18 reps. I was dying halfway in, my legs and glutes were killing me from the intense pushing and earlier running.

Stretched out. Time to have a relaxing night.


“Never mistake motion for action”

Training Log 9/24

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2pm – 3pm

Iced my shins in the morning. Had a great stretching warm up at Crunch, I can almost get my foot behind my head, it feels pretty cool.

Ran for nearly an hour at an average HR of 151BPM, I find it difficult to keep my HR that low, I have to run at a slow 10:30 – 11m mile pace, but I’m doing it for a specific reason. I ended up getting some small blisters on the inside of my foot, but not too painful. I think my socks were too loose.

I’m extremely happy and proud of myself for having accomplished this amount of running. I always wished I could do this, but only now am I doing it consistently and pain-free! Stretched down and went home to rest and work until my BMT class tonight.


7:30pm – 9pm

Amazing intermediate class tonight with coach Vince, Tracy, Jody, Rich, and 2 great kickboxers from another out of town gym. I didn’t get to work with them, but I have in the past and they have skills. I probably performed the best I ever have in this class.

I worked with Rich the whole class and we were ripping things pretty hard so I was dead by the end of class. Started with our Dutch Drill and hit two variations of that. Moved onto our Puerto Rican Line Drill which is super long and super intense. We hit our overhand counter to the jab combo which felt great. Finished with the Brad named after my training partner who came up with it.

Brad – Cross, hook, outside leg kick, switch cross, same side kick, cross, body hook, rear head kick with a follow step to end up in southpaw, cross, hook, outside leg kick, switch cross, same side kick, cross, body hook, rear head kick


Afterwards, I watched my coach drill with Josh, one of the out of town coaches. It was amazing to see him go at nearly 100% for 20+ minutes of combinations. He picked up crazy long combinations by the second try and was ripping it without even breathing heavy. Coach talks about how watching TJ peak at Team Alpha Male was inspiring to him, watching Vince drilling like that before his fight in 2 weeks is a fucking inspiration to me.



“Forget your personal tragedy. We are all bitched from the start and you especially have to be hurt like hell before you can write seriously. But when you get the damned hurt use it—don’t cheat with it. Be as faithful to it as a scientist—but don’t think anything is of importance because it happens to you or anyone who belongs to you”

Training Log 9/23


9am – 10am

Got to BMT class with Fernando, one of my co-workers today.

We worked on the hands and footwork drill, back em up drill, and a step cross hook 2 line drill. Class was mostly me helping Fernando pick everything up. He started off pretty badly, but as he got more comfortable, he started getting things down much faster. For kickboxing, we did a Reem line drill, the Holland, and Drive by combos. I was surprised how quick he picked all those things up. His biggest problem was keeping his guard tight and staying balanced, but those are both problems anyone starting striking will have.


10am – 10:30am

Didn’t get much work in, but I was able to afterwards with a private lesson. We did 4 5 minute rounds with about a minute break in between. I was tired from the beginning, I think yesterday’s training took a toll on me. I was exhausted by the end of the third round, but somehow I was able to pull off a decent 4th round. We tried to do a 5th round, but I was messing up too much to continue. I laid down on the mats and died for about 5 minutes afterwards. Going to start doing these privates much more often.



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Training Log 9/22


12pm – 12:45pm

First some stretching and warm up and then Tempo Intervals at Crunch Fitness. I did 15 reps at 75% intensity hitting the heavy bag for 12 seconds each. 1 minute of rest between each one. Following the conditioning advice I have been reading perfectly, I think I will see the results soon enough.

Stretched out and headed home to ice up my legs. Good, light workout. I am slightly tired, but not too bad, I should be fine by BMT class tonight.


6:45pm – 8:45pm

I wanted to show up for the advanced BMT class at 7:30, but I was so bored after finishing all my early day’s work, I showed up to Gracie PAC early and ended up jumping into the regular evening class as well.

Worked with Rich and Brad when he showed up. Hit a ton of combinations, working from southpaw and hitting more advanced variations to challenge myself. Great class, I was quite tired by the end, but still ready to do Intermediate class with Brad.

We began with a flow drill involving chaining 2 body combinations together which was difficult to get, but after about 20 minutes we got it down. We hit the dutch 2 with kick-check switches and then got into some sick drills that brad invented called the Charlie and Dennis after the Sunny in Philadelphia characters. Really good stuff. Finished class by working touch pull return drills with Brad. One of the best classes in a while and it didn’t exhaust me too bad. I’ll be good to go tomorrow morning. Afterwards went with Vince and Brad to a local bar and got some nachos and whiskey. Good finish to a great class.



“Those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them”

Training Log 9/21


9am – 10am

BMT in the morning, training with Amy.

I was definitely not at my best when I woke up this morning, but I was good enough for some bang muay thai! Warmed up with some shadowboxing and moved into our single punch series and  hands and footwork drill. Hit some boxing combinations, focusing on rolls. I did the round from southpaw to challenge myself, especially because my southpaw movement is not up to par. Hit a line drill with hook 2’s and moved into kickboxing. Warmed up our legs with the catch and correct drill, we haven’t done that in forever. I used to be so inflexible, but now my hip flexibility feels awesome. We hit some rolls with kicks (southpaw again), a Reem line drill, and the drive-by. Finished class with 45 sit ups.

Afterwards, I watched Brittany kill it on a few rounds of pads with Coach and flow sparring with Amy. Her striking has gotten so much better, she is going to smash it on her fight Oct 17th. Drilled a couple takedowns lightly and called it a day!


“Things get bad for all of us, almost continually, and what we do under the constant stress reveals who/what we are.”

Training Log 9/20


I was supposed to make it to St. Pete for some open mat training this morning.. The senseless pounding in my head when I first woke up begged to differ. I had to stay in bed this morning, but I wouldn’t let the day go to waste. I usually rest on sundays, but I’m working on eliminating the rest day once in a while and having more of a nonstop high/low workout schedule.


2pm – 3pm

Icing and a ton of stretching to warm up and got on track for some cardio.

My first 45 minute run in sooooo long. Had to keep a slow pace to keep my heart rate between 130 – 155bpm so I did 4 miles in this time. Finished up with 15 minutes of exhausted shadowboxing and stretched myself out again.

Iced up my legs at home so I can keep running like this without my body failing me. Great cardio session!


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