Training Log 3/14 – 3/20



9am – 10am

BMT class.



9am – 10am

BMT class

3pm – 4pm

Cardiac output session. My first running/aerobic session in months because of lingering shin splints and other issues. I did 15 minutes in total on equipment and 35 minutes of running. Naturally, I was slow and weak in running, but I will get back in form soon enough.



1pm – 2pm

Strength aerobic session.



9am – 10am

BMT class. One of my toughest classes, prepping myself with Amy for the Duane Ludwig seminar this weekend.



Went out last night with a co-worker and had lots of green beer for the first time. This was a mistake. I had a bad reaction to all the green dye and ended up waking up today in agony. I couldn’t sleep and looked so bad I got sent home from work. Hopefully I would recover by tomorrow.



12pm – 3pm

One of the most special days in my MMA career. We did a 3 hour straight seminar with Duane Ludwig which was packed to the brim with knowledge. I pushed myself so hard and kept my focus on the entire time. I was called in front of the 60+ people to teach many combos and also to be tested and ended up receiving my blue belt along with Amy and Coach Vince received his purple belt. 

This was quite a surprise, but I am honored to see the reality of how hard work and vision pays off. I came to Bang Muay Thai a year ago with a burning desire to improve my striking and it has taken me through an amazing journey. I know that I deserve this promotion, but I also know I have to improve exponentially to truly earn it in my own eyes.



After a late night out celebrating birthdays and my promotion, I got called into work early by my boss. I could have slept in and barely made it to work or woke up early and got a workout in before work. Naturally, the harder choice was the one I made.

11pm – 12pm

Strength aerobic session. It was hard to push myself on low sleep and nutrition, but I was able to get a great and exhausting workout in to prepare myself for my upcoming fight camp.


“Henceforth we seek not good fortune. We are ourselves good fortune”

Training Log 3/7 – 3/13



Bmt class



bmt class



Strength aerobic workout. Pumping up my strength and endurance to get ready for my next fight camp



Bmt class



BMT class in the morning



Strength aerobic. Returning to my conditioning ways.



Day off


“One of the greatest days of my life was when I came to understand that other people’s approval and my happiness were not related.”

Training Log 2/22 – 2/28



9am – 11am

BMT class



9am – 11am

BMT class



11am – 12pm

Last session before my fight, I get a few intense rounds of padwork in with coach Vince.


2/25 – 2/26

Cutting weight






Letting my body recover from the beating it was put under.


“Defeat is the secret ingredient of success”