We are not supposed to miss this moment. We see our lives as one long stroke of a paintbrush, but our life is not one singular entity. Our life is made up of years and months and weeks and days and hours and minutes and seconds and finally moments. This very moment you can find all the beauty and joy you ever wished to experience in life. If you want to paint a masterpiece of your life, begin by making this moment a masterpiece.
We are not supposed to miss this moment. When we are not conscious and not present to the moment as we tend to be a vast majority of the time, it seems as if our life is slipping away in front of us. Days go by, weeks even, and we have no connection to them. It as if we are outsiders watching our own truman show. Our lives and our time are distant creatures that we observe, but have no control over. As soon as we bring our attention, our focus, our highest priority to this very moment we obtain the power to decide our destinies. To have a say in our lives. To experience a taste of living, rather than see it vicariously. When our attention is in the moment, we matter infinitely more. We are defined by our moments of presence.

We are not supposed to miss this moment. All that we seek in life we can find right now, were we only to stop seeking. We seek riches, fame, success, love, happiness, appreciation. Why? Because we truly seek the feelings associated with these things. We seek the feelings of joy and importance we will have when we accomplish these things. Ironically, these feelings are our birthright. We are entitled to them and can enjoy them whenever we choose. We just have to stop seeking them and melt into the beauty of the present moment.

We are not supposed to miss this moment. How long is an eternity? Sometimes just a second. We lead wide shallow lives, never venturing into the depth of each moment. Never knowing what joy could be found in each activity that we do or do not do. When you are fully present, each moment is an eternity, each moment achieves depth, each moment becomes an end in itself rather than a means to an end. When each moment means so much, life becomes satisfying to the point that death is no longer worried about or feared because you are now living to the fullest. You are living a life’s worth of joy right now.

We are not supposed to miss this moment.


This is just something very personal that I write and re-read to myself when I find myself getting too caught up in the meaningless distractions of life which take me away from what is truly important, what is truly godlike in this world. The only thing that has meaning for us – this very moment.

What is Self Confidence?


What is self confidence? One of the most important lessons I’ve learned and am still learning, and mostly likely won’t stop until I am laid to rest. Self confidence isn’t self confidence. It is self acceptance. Accepting all the things that make you imperfect. It’s acknowledging you make mistakes, you are not a perfect 10, you will say and do the wrong things. You will fail and you will fall. Self confidence is when you accept that all this will happen.. And that you are ok with it.

When most people make a mistake – during an event, a social setting, or any activity they take part in – the inner voices usually begin. You begin to bully yourself incessantly, allowing your own mind to call you names and tell you things you would never allow another person to say to you. If a mistake happens, it is not good or bad. It just is. Only your mind exploding in thought afterward warps it from an event into something bad or worse, catastrophic. If you move on from it immediately and maybe learn from it, you can usually recover from near any mistake. However, as soon as your mind takes the reins, you have beaten yourself up to the point where there is no returning from the mistake. You are now everything you told yourself you were in your mind, even if you weren’t before.

As I become more confident and truly try to accept and love myself more, I see that voice emerging all the time, and sometimes it takes over my inner script, but sometimes I can accept that voice as well as whatever mistake I’ve made. I can tell myself that it’s ok. It’s ok to make a mistake or to fail or to let someone down. I tell myself that the most important thing is my inner peace and mental health, far more than any short term pleasure or learning I may receive from endless pondering of the mistake in that moment. I can lose the girl. I can fail at my job. I can get rejected if I open myself up. I can lose family, friends, passions. The only thing I can’t do is continue to bully myself any longer.

Once I am free from the pressure of being perfect and having to succeed at everything I do, I am free to focus on what is really important: having new experiences, enjoying life’s opportunities as they come up, and using my potential to be the best that I can be in anything I want to do.



“A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on it’s own wings. Always believe in yourself”