Training Log 9/23


9am – 10am

Got to BMT class with Fernando, one of my co-workers today.

We worked on the hands and footwork drill, back em up drill, and a step cross hook 2 line drill. Class was mostly me helping Fernando pick everything up. He started off pretty badly, but as he got more comfortable, he started getting things down much faster. For kickboxing, we did a Reem line drill, the Holland, and Drive by combos. I was surprised how quick he picked all those things up. His biggest problem was keeping his guard tight and staying balanced, but those are both problems anyone starting striking will have.


10am – 10:30am

Didn’t get much work in, but I was able to afterwards with a private lesson. We did 4 5 minute rounds with about a minute break in between. I was tired from the beginning, I think yesterday’s training took a toll on me. I was exhausted by the end of the third round, but somehow I was able to pull off a decent 4th round. We tried to do a 5th round, but I was messing up too much to continue. I laid down on the mats and died for about 5 minutes afterwards. Going to start doing these privates much more often.



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    Where is that pic?

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    The Greek Island of Crete :)!

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