Training Log 5/20 – 6/1



After near perfect water loading/cutting and cutting 4 pounds in the hot bath yesterday night, I awoke at 150 lbs this morning. I have a few sips of cold water and a couple low-weight foods and endure one more hour of hot bath work to cut the final 4 lbs. I am drained, but not the worst I ever been when I weigh in at 146 lbs on the dot.

Afterwards, rehydration and relaxing for my fight tomorrow.



11 – 11:30am

Light work the morning of the fight to shake my adrenaline off and get used to moving with my weight back on my frame.

At night, I am feeling heavier and more tired than usual. I am not sure if this is because of the heavy load of workouts this week, the weight cut, or nerves. Most likely all 3. I go out there and dominate the striking for the first two and a half rounds, only really getting hurt at the end of the 2nd round. I finish the fight on top almost cinching a kimura/armbar and win a one sided unanimous decision. The happiest I’ve ever been after a fight because I truly earned this win!


5/22 – 5/28

I’m back home to relax after a difficult camp, with my family. I get a 3 mile run in with my brother on monday morning and a 5 mile run in myself on thursday morning. I get a heavy weights workout done on friday morning and my strength feels the same as before. Great. I’m coming off this fight in the best shape I’ve ever been, ready to get better than ever!



12pm – 2pm

Sunday mornings at st. pete. I can’t grapple because my face is still quite swollen, but I get some good striking in with Anton.



12pm – 2pm

The gym is closed for memorial day, but that doesn’t stop us from getting in a class going anyway. We work on some bump techniques, getting out to the side when we initiate attacks. Then we do some really fantastic wrestling drills.



6:30pm – 7:30pm

BMT class in the evening. Back at it, good to see familiar faces!



9am – 10am

BMT with Jason as my partner. I am exhausted at the end of this class, I think I have been dieting too hard and not sleeping enough. But it’s alright because I have no fight coming up!

3pm – 4pm

Great run in the afternoon, about 5 miles at a good, steady pace.


“A paradox of life: The problem with patience and discipline is that developing each of them requires both of them.”

Training Log 5/17 – 5/19



9am – 10am

BMT morning rounds with Jason

I had a chiropractic appointment after class to get my neck fixed up.

7:30pm – 8:30pm

Grappling with Dan Martinez. Had a great and focused BJJ class. Good rolls and my Jitz feels awesome.


11am – 1pm

Padwork, wrestling work, and sprints to finish todays workout.



10am – 11am

Final rounds of padwork before this weekend.



“Someday, we will all die.”

“True, but on all the other days, we will not.”

Training Log 5/10 – 5/16



11am – 12pm

Padwork with coach Vince at Gracie South

12pm – 1:30pm

Pro grappling class at Gracie South



9am – 10am

BMT class in the morning, I actually ended up teaching class unexpectedly because coach Vince got sick

11am – 1pm

Scrambling and Kickboxing rounds with Gabe, Bobby, Chris, and Ethan. Tough competition, I do 5 rounds in total and am exhausted.

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Teaching evening BMT class.



12:30pm – 1:30pm

Private padwork with coach Vince

1:30pm – 2:30pm

Pro grappling rounds. I hurt my neck pretty badly in the 2nd round and sit out of the rest of training.



9am – 10am

My official teaching day at BMT in the morning, this is the third class I’ve taught this week!

11am – 1pm

Ground and pound / grappling drilling with Gabe, Vince, and Bobby.

6pm – 7pm

I show up to TMT for some sparring. I get partnered up first round with a much bigger guy and end up getting an accidental knee in the face and having to stop sparring because I got a couple tiny cuts over my eye. Horrible turn of events, but what am I going to do



Between my neck and my eye and my entire body, I needed a day off so I took today.



11:30am – 1pm

Great grappling work in the morning with Anton and Matt at st. pete!



9am – 10am

BMT in the morning, working with Carnyel and Steph

11am – 1pm

Grappling rounds with Jerzen. Dutch drills with Vince and Gabe, and finish off with some wrestling work and cardio. Ready for this weekend!


“I want to know the mind of the god, the rest are details”

Training Log 5/7 – 5/9



I went to bed pretty late last night and had to force myself out of bed for wrestling class. And I arrive to Gracie South right on time to find class canceled. Quite disappointing.

2pm – 3pm

Cardiac Power Intervals. 7 reps. I had to force myself onto Jacob’s Ladder for each one and it was hell for 7, 2 minute intervals, but it was worth it.



I have to go to work early for mother’s day and can’t train today for the first time in weeks. Whatever, I need time off to recover.



9am – 10am

BMT with Amy in the morning. Pushing myself on every rep.

11am – 1pm

Sparring with Gabe and Chris at St. Pete. Round robin style on me, of course. My best sparring yet. 3, 3 minute rounds with 30 seconds of rest.

Afterwords, get some fast twitch work in, ab work, and stretch and head home.


“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us”


Training Log 5/4 – 5/6



9am – 10am

BMT reps with Amy in the morning!

11am – 1pm

Wrestling reps with Gabe and then MMA sparring rounds with Ethan, one of Gabe’s fighters who has great wrestling shots. I have better technique and experience so I get the better of him, but he definitely pushes me and gives me a good workout.

Afterwards, we hit some deadlifts, a circuit, and some mobility work!



I hurt my knee yesterday and my entire body is beat up. I haven’t got a good night’s sleep in so long, I can’t remember. I decide to really take the day off to recover.

3pm – 3:30pm

I still get in some active recovery work at crunch fitness, tempo intervals, and some stretching.


9am – 10am

Teaching BMT class in the morning to some ninjas, my funnest class yet.

11am – 1pm

Ground and pound drills + some weight lifting circuits. Exhausted.

6pm – 7:30pm

Sparring at Tampa Muay Thai. I get in about 10, 3 minute rounds at a decent pace. I outperform my expectations, very fun and important training session.


“Our time is short. Let us not live this day in fear of what the future may bring”


Training Log 4/29 – 5/3



9am – 10am

BMT class with Amy, felt really good during class, but I must have been tired because I started slowing down and crashing towards the end of class.

I was going to do some intense cardiac power intervals after class, but my elbows were very sore and I was feeling exhausted, and decided against it. I will have to fit them in tomorrow or sunday.



11am – 12pm

I show up to wrestling at Gracie South. My elbow has been really bugging me and I decide to just do technique today to not aggravate it. Really awesome stuff from coach Adam Kantor.

1pm – 2pm

Unfortunately I did not do my cardiac power intervals yesterday so I forced myself to do them today. 6, 2 minute sprint intervals on Jacob’s Ladder, I am barely able to walk properly afterwards. But I did it!



11:30am – 1pm

BJJ at Gracie St. Pete on a sunday.



9am – 10am

BMT session in the morning, helping teach a new student.

11am – 1pm

Padwork with Gabriel at St. Pete followed by some BMT ninja stuff and heavy squats. I hit 215 lbs for 4 reps which is a new level for me recently.



9am – 10am

BMT, working with Jason.

12:30pm – 1:30pm

Pro BJJ class at Gracie South, got 5, 7 minute rolls in. I feel like crap after getting manhandled by everybody.


“What’s the point anyway – of suffering, then dying? It teaches us to live. A man who does not struggle does not live, he survives”

Training Log 4/27 – 4/28



9am – 10am

BMT class in the morning, working with Amy.

11am – 1pm

MMA sparring with Anton and Gabe at St. Pete. I do 3, 3 minute rounds with no real break in between.  Anton and Gabe rotate in. I do alright in the striking department and scrambling, but I want to do better.

Afterwards I hit some heavy squat sets and call it a day!



1pm – 2pm

Pro BJJ training at Gracie South. I get 4, 7 minute rolls in total and I am exhausted! I am easily the worst guy in the room in these training sessions and it’s difficult to tap so much and not tap others nearly at all, but I trust the process.

2:30pm – 3pm

Tempo Intervals for recovery, 16 reps, at crunch fitness. I need to be recovered for class tonight.

7:30pm – 8:30pm

Great advanced class, training with Brandon. We do 30 minutes of advanced striking drills and move on to sparring afterwards. I really have to bring my A-game with brandon, because he hits hard enough and he has enough skills to put me on edge. I perform really well tonight though and feel good about it. I do have to work on taking angles after my strikes more.


“The trouble is, we think we have time”

Training Log 4/17 – 4/26



Woke up feeling the sickest today so going to have a very light day.

2pm – 3pm

Cardiac Output session at Crunch. Got 15 minutes on the elliptical and bike and went for a 30m run. Hard work is paying off, my run times are increasing dramatically with less effort from me.



9am – 10am

Last class to sharpen the skills before Colorado. I didn’t sleep last night and am tired/sick so I take it easy and make sure to stay focused to get the max out of every rep.

1pm – 2pm

Great full body massage to relax my body before Colorado. Very deep tissue, I am actually somewhat sore.



We are in Colorado!!!! Great flight and first day at Denver.

6pm – 8:30pm

5 minutes into class and I am exhausted. Somehow I maintain focus and push myself for the following 2.5 hours. We rip tons of combos and my technique feels awesome. The best one was a karaoke hook followed by a switch hook. I work with Tracy and Kenny and then do a light sparring class. I spar with 3 guys. I feel fine, but Kenny definitely gets the better of me slightly and I get the better of the two others slightly, dropping one of them with a good liver kick. Amazing first session.



10am – 11am

Teaming up with coach during morning class at Ludwig Martial Arts. Get some amazing reps in.

6pm – 7pm

Working with Paul, one of the best, a blue belt from here. Class finishes not a second too soon, because I am exhausted.

8pm – 9pm

No gi bjj with professor Lucas Dias. He teaches a great escape from mount and then I roll 2 rounds. My bjj feels awesome, great experience.



6pm – 9pm

One advanced kickboxing class, one sparring class, and one MMA class completes my training for the day! Great working with Paul, Hugo, and Arnold.



10am – 12pm

Kickboxing in the morning, working with Amy for the first time, followed by some MMA drills!



10am – 12pm

Kickboxing taught by Clarence, who is Duane’s first muay thai instructor. Great class, cardio intensive. Followed by a nice MMA drills class.



9am – 10am

Duane, being the amazing professor that he is, hosted an extra class for us this morning. It was super exclusive and we worked hard on only two combos that worked really well. What a great week it has been working with Duane and other amazing strikers here in Colorado.



Finally a day off, kind of. I still have to get out of bed on my first day back to Tampa and go to work, but I rest up enough.



9am – 10am

BMT in the morning, working with Jason. Hitting some sick combos.

12:30pm – 2:30pm

Working some BJJ at the pro class at Gracie South. I get some great rolls in with Rob Font, who is in the UFC and fighting in a couple weeks, and others. Afterwards, I get some great padwork in to complete the day.


“Most humans are never fully present in the now, because unconsciously they believe the next moment must be more important than this one. But then you miss your whole life, which is never not now. And that’s a revelation for a lot of people: To realize that your life is only ever now.”

Training Log 4/16


11am – 12pm

Wrestling in the morning at Gracie south with Adam Kantor! Awesome class, I always learn new things and sharpen up old things when I train wrestling here. Today was no different. We worked off defending the single leg and then did king of the hill style rounds. My offence felt decent, but my takedown defence is where I really shined which has been a bit of a weakness recently.


1pm – 2pm

Threshold training at Crunch Fitness. Time to start upping the intensity of my conditioning as my fight nears closer, even if I am feeling a bit sick. I did 3 x 5 minute rounds of threshold training which ends up being about 8 minutes on average each round on Jacob’s Ladder. This is extremely difficult and I leave the gym drenched in sweat and exhausted.


“Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor” 

Training Log 4/14 – 4/15



Woke up feeling sick with a sore throat today. It’s been a while since I’ve felt sick and thats been good, but I can’t risk a sickness in the middle of my training camp and before going to colorado to train with Duane Ludwig. Apparently everyone is getting sick around me at work and at home, but I’ve stayed immune so far. Time to keep it that way.

9am – 10am

BMT in the morning, no way I can skip after missing out yesterday. I perform below average, but what matters is I showed up and pushed myself.

I skipped any additional strength and conditioning for the day to rest up.



Woke up feeling a little sicker today, but not too bad. Going to push myself somewhat today and do my best to get healthier fast.

9am – 10am

Teaching my second official class. I actually had fun today, even though I made some mistakes. I am getting better at this teaching thing.


11am – 1:30pm

St. Pete! We get started with 4 5’s of ground and pound / scrambling off the ground work. It is difficult, especially working with Gabe, but I feel better all around. My lungs feel like crap though and that’s definitely the light sickness at work.

Afterwards we do some box jumps and weight lifting and I am only able to do one round of cardio before I have to leave to catch a haircut appointment. I feel bad about leaving early and not training more.


“What makes human beings unique?” He went on to say, “I believe that what makes us unique is transcending our limits.”